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Is it time to spruce up the carpet in your offices? Are you preparing the office for an upcoming event? H&D Carpet Cleaning is here to help all Boise businesses. Do not waste thousands of dollars on a new carpet when H&D Carpet Cleaning will make your carpet look brand new in just one cleaning.

We understand the difficultly of scheduling a convenient carpet cleaning time while also running a business. We know it is impractical to clean your office’s carpet at 9:00 AM on a Monday morning. That is why we will work with you to schedule a suitable time for your company or business. H&D Carpet Cleaning will make every effort to cause as little disruption to your daily office work as possible with our commercial carpet cleaning services.

Also inconvenient is that fact that some commercial carpet cleaning products can take as long as 10 – 12 hours to completely dry; but this is not so when H&D Carpet Cleaning cleans your office carpet. Not only will we work around your schedule to find the most convenient time, the commercial carpet cleaning products H&D Carpet Cleaning uses are also fast drying.

Do you run a daycare or a pet care business? Are you worried about the possible harmful effect of toxic chemicals sometimes used by carpet cleaners? There is nothing to worry about when you hire H&D Carpet Cleaning. In addition to being fast drying, our carpet cleaning products are also environmentally friendly. We guarantee that our carpet cleaning products contain no harmful or toxic chemicals. They are safe for all ages.

Office furniture can be heavy and bulky. You can let us worry about that! When you hire H&D Carpet Cleaning to clean your office rugs, we carefully move office furniture out of the way and make sure to place it back exactly as it was when we are finished.

When you hire H&D Carpet Cleaning, we promise you will be back in your office in no time! We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our commercial carpet cleaning services!

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